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"You can go to any place and to any time that you wish to go," the Elder said. "I've gone everywhere and everywhen I can think of." He looked across the sea. "It's strange. The gulls who scorn perfection for the sake of travel go nowhere, slowly. Those who put aside travel for the sake of perfection go anywhere, instantly. Remember, Jonathan, heaven isn't a place or a time, because place and time are so very meaningless. Heaven is..."
"Can you teach me to fly like that?" Jonathan Seagull trembled to conquer another unknown.
"Of course if you wish to learn."
"I wish. When can we start?".
"We could start now if you'd like."
"I want to learn to fly like that," Jonathan said and a strange light glowed in his eyes. "Tell me what to do,"
Chiang spoke slowly and watched the younger gull ever so carefully.
"To fly as fast as thought, to anywhere that is," he said, "you must begin by knowing that you have already arrived ..."


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19 авг, 2012 20:47 (UTC)
Ричард Бах прекрасен, правда пока только на русском читала, еще "Иллюзии" нравится))
21 авг, 2012 21:10 (UTC)
На русском языке тоже неплохо выглядит, но вся прелесть и весь размах стиля Ричарда Баха проявляется в изысканных отглагольных формах, которые с таким трудом удается передать на русский язык. Это чтение приносит действительно незабываемые впечатления, которые, надеюсь, удастся пережить.
21 авг, 2012 21:31 (UTC)
Re: ...
конечно, надо быть уверенным в себе и все получится)
23 авг, 2012 18:38 (UTC)
Питаю большие надежды
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